Naina Sharma

Clinical Psychologist special focus on Geriatric & Adolescent health, IN

Mildred Tajeda

Psycho-Oncologist, HN

Komal Saxena

Human Factor Psychologist, UK

Palav Kamdar

Psycho-Oncologist, IN

Anamika Pandey

Psycho-oncologist, IN

Ronak Daga

CEO & Head of Experience Design, IN

Rebecca Salandra

Psycho-Oncologist, SV

Della Cordeiro

School Counselor, AE

Lavangi Nathani

Child & Adolescent Psychologist, IN

Sheema Hafeez

RCI Licensed Psychologist, IN

Founder, PSYTARA

Saaid Radwan

Behavioural Psychologist, AE

Dr. Nasrina Siddiqi

Psychologist (PhD), IN

Subhashini R.

Health Psychologist, IN

Sreehari Ravindranath

Educational Psychologist, IN

Aaron Cross

Health Psychologist, UK/IN

Maria Martinho

Behaviour Therapist, UK

Aastha Singh

Health Psychologist,IN

Ashmita Dhawan

Hospice & Palliative Care Professional, CA

Shrut Kriti Saksena

UX Researcher, IN

Shubhashini Singh Rana

Child & Adolescent Psychologist, IN

Sarvil Jain

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, IN

Indra Alam Syah

Forensic Psychologist, SG

Aashna Sangar

Behaviour Therapist, US

Anand Rai

Neuropsychologist, IN

Manoug Ibitan

EMDR Therapist, LB

Venika Singhal

Expressive Art Therapy Practitioner, IN

Sheetal Choudhary

Counseling Psychologist, IN

Garima Verma

Transpersonal Regression Therapist, IN

Abidha Anwar

Psychotherapist, IN

Kunashni Parikh

Sports Psychologist, IN

Pooja Tomar

Forensic Psychologist, IN

Sakshi Kaur Hira

Counseling Psychologist & Queer Affirmative Counseling Practitioner, IN

Mugdha Pradhan

Functional Nutritionist, IN

Dr Rohan Rajpuut

General Physician, CBT Therapist &

Clinical Nutrition, IN 

Shruti Mathur

Genetic Counselor, IN

Anahita Bhandari

Counseling Psychologist, IN

Akash Chandan

Experience Designer & Researcher, IN 

Manav Madaan

Designer & Researcher, IN

Arthur Fernandes

Psychologist, Music Therapist &

Drum Circle Facilitator, IN

Dr Asad Chaturvedi

Positive Psychologist, IN 

Dr Reshie Joseph

Physician & Psychologist, ID

Natalia Rivas De Leal 

Aviation Psychologist, VE

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